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Service Laptop Notebook di Serpong

There are very few companies in the market today, that can claim to offer you not just the best services, but also ensure you quality as well as complete budgetary respite. One such organisation that functions in the domain of computers and allied services is Solusindo Komputer.

Our company has been able to carve a niche in the industry, due to its extensive range of services, which are offered to clients, at rates that are truly competitive, and within time frames that are promised, right at the start.

The bouquet of services that Kumar Solutions offers to its esteemed clientele includes:

1.  Annual Maintenance Contracts

The company offers a range of AMC related services which encompass:

  • Assembly and up-gradation of computer systems
  • Protection of computers from viruses
  • Removal of viruses and software removal processes
  • Recovery of data from all kinds of hard disks
  • Service, repair and maintenance of printers and monitors
  • Repair of allied products such as hard disks, modems, mother boards and disk drives
  • Services related to the internet as well as networking
  • All other kinds of computer related troubleshooting services

2.  Laptop Repair Services

Kumar Solutions offers the best repair services for a range of laptops. No matter what the brand, if you have a laptop that has a problem, we can sort it out to you.

3.  Computer Repair Services

If you a computer that is not working or is malfunctioning, we are there to help you out. No matter, where you are, we will bring our range of repair and related services to your doorstep.

4.  Printer Repair Services

A lot of people are opting to keep a printer for not only their official usage, but also for personal use. This has invited the need for maintenance as well as the occasional repair of the same. Hence, we offer you the finest services available for printers of all brands.

5.  Remote Support Services

We are one of the few companies that offer services that can be handled via remote, which means that clients can take benefit from troubleshooting and expert aid, irrespective of the location. These services are offered at the nominal rates of $20, per hour.

6.  Network Services Related Services

For any office to be able to function properly, the network it works on and the server that offers the same, has to be in working order, all the time. However, if there is any trouble, at any point of time, we at Kumar Solutions will have the ‘solutions’ for you.

Apart from all these, we also deal in the sale and purchase of a myriad of computer accessories, which may be both new as well as old.

So, the next time you have a computer related problem, think of Solusindo Komputer.